We are Mexisweets, and we are all about the sweet things in life. It all started after a vacation to Mexico, where we rediscovered our long lost love for belly sweetening Mexican candies and snacks. We savored these candies, got mesmerized and we decided to have you experience pure sweetness and fun. To this end, Mexisweets was born.

At Mexisweets, our goal is to channel the sweet experience we had on our trip to candy lovers around the world, through premium candies that keenly present the aura of Mexican culture. Our candies are made available in different flavors and tastes so you can savor the wonderful reflections of this sweet, amazing country.

We value and cherish our customer’s satisfaction a lot and that’s why we strive to bring quality, a mouth-watering mix of the finest confectionary to your door. Once every month, our candy lovers can select from three different SUBSCRIPTION BOXES, laden with Mexican flavored candies so they can enjoy sweet treats whenever and however possible.

What’s more? All our sweet boxes have special postcard with valuable info and promotions inside. We also understand that some people have allergies which are more reasons why we stock a wide variety of confectionery to ensure we have something for everyone.

You can count on us to bring you the rarest and most unique candies that people desire.